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Hi, I'm Kempton.

I develop software.

Professional Experience

Nuance + Microsoft (Burlington, MA)

Software Engineering Intern

I worked closely with a team of engineers and contributed to the development of Microsoft's Nuance Contact Center AI with JDK 11.

  • Contributed to the development of Microsoft's Nuance Contact Center AI with JDK11
  • Increased project code coverage by 15% with JUnit tests and Maven build automation tools
  • Improved database scalability, compatibility, and call time using PostgreSQL and Protobuf
  • Streamlined user interactions with Contact Center AI by analyzing digital engagement data
  • Updated onboarding documentation and guides while setting up developer environment
  • Followed Agile principles to maintain team collaboration on tickets through sprints

JDK11, Microsoft Azure, Maven, JUnit, PostgreSQL, Protobuf

University of Maine

Student Research Assistant

I contributed to the Scalable and Portable Infrastructure for Cybersecurity Education project (SPICE). SPICE is a flexible, remotely accessible infrastructure that leverages public cloud, data center, and portable computing resources. It was developed to support a variety of cybersecurity education activities. You can read more about the project here.
Logging & monitoring

I worked independently and closely with groupmates to implement centralized logging and monitoring systems on SPICE infrastructure. For scalability, we used AWS to host three EC2 instances running Wazuh, Elastic Stack, and Kibana in a cluster. We configured a dashboard with Kibana to visualize SIEM information. Finally, we wrote Ansible playbooks to automate deployment on servers hosted across campus and elsewhere in the cloud.

Organizational efforts

Met weekly over the summer to coordinate as a team, communicate progress/challenges, and delegate different tasks. I primarily took notes during these meetings and made clear the most urgent action items in our documentation.

  • Implemented logging and monitoring software across campus with a 20% decrease in security incidents
  • Automated deployment to over 30 agents across university infrastructure using Ansible and Terraform
  • Configured secure firewalls to facilitate communication between cloud and campus networks
  • Hosted a swarm of scalable and redundant cloud-based instances using AWS EC2 instances
  • Configured local networks and infrastructure for simulated cybersecurity training labs
  • Administered weekly lab sessions to 40+ recruits on topics like network configuration and ethical hacking
  • Utilized Git for software version control and agile development with a small team of researchers
  • Managed a project wiki and hosted training sessions and new feature demonstrations
  • Implemented a dashboard on all configured agents resulting in >90% improved threat detection
  • Handled vital communications between the research team and non-technical University faculty


University of Maine Cybersecurity Team

Student Relations Officer

The year I joined UMCST, I got involved with the SPICE project to contribute to the team's infrastructure. Next, I was elected Student Relations Officer and captained a team of three in the Hivestorm cybersecurity competition. You can read more about UMCST here.
Recruitment efforts

During my first year as an SRO, UMCST saw massive growth, even in the midst of the COVID shutdown. We had record attendance at our weekly labs which are built and maintained by team members, designed to help new recruits delve into the world of cybersecurity. UMCST sent a full team composed mostly of new recruits to NECCDC 2022 and placed third!

Hivestorm Cybersecurity Competition

My first cybersecurity competition, and also my first time captaining!

  • Developed and maintained labs in Linux administration, network reconnaissance, and ethical hacking
  • Captained a team of 4 in the 2021 Hivestorm cyber defense competition
  • Configured isolated networks of virtual machines to simulate competition environments
  • Developed team website and streamlined the deployment cycle using webhooks and custom build scripts
  • Presented environment setup guides in weekly meetings to dozens of recruits and members
  • Spearheaded team recruitment efforts and admitted a record total of 45+ new recruits



Java, Python (2.7/3), C, React, JavaScript


Git, Linux/WSL, Windows, Maven, Ansible, Terraform, Docker, SQL, Jenkins


My humble portfolio website.

Terrain map generator

For a Python programming course at UMaine, we were given a Python program that would generate a matrix containing different elevation values resembling a topography map. I used tkinter to generate a terrain overlay based on those given elevation values. I implemented an ocean level, a gradient grass color, rivers that flow recursively downhill, and beaches where grass and ocean meet.


This is a simple CLI-based game of scrabble written in Python.
screenshot of terrain
screenshot of terrain
screenshot of terrain